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Are used to enchace your natural lashes by giving you a lucious fuller look. Our lashes are mainly mink and syntetic for safe, natural looking and non-alergenic extensions. We have J, B, C and D curl and stock it in thicnesses 0.07, 0.10, 0.15, 0.2 …


Mink Eyelashes

Mink lashes are premium false lashes that are lighter and more flexible then conventional synthetic lashes. 100% Mink lashes are amazing to work with and looks really natural, but are really expensive as they are made of the tail or body hair of the Mink either Siberian or Chinese.

The alternative and what our products are made of is Faux mink. This is the man made variety, of Mink lashes. These are the most popular products for professionals on the market at the moment. They look very natural with only a slight shine to them.

Some benefits to these lashes are that there are very few allergy cases recorded and they are very affordable, they hold their shape pretty good for weeks on end. Compared to Silk Lashes that are normally a darker, richer, black color and can be shinier than mink lashes. Most of the time they are also thicker to help to keep the shape if it and could be a little uncomfortable to wear because of it. Our selection of Mink lashes include individual lashes in thicknesses 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.15, 0.18, 0.20. We also supply already made volume lashes 2-5D in 0.10 thickness.

Synthetic Eyelashes

Synthetic lashes are our older collection and as the lash industry exists almost 14 years they were some of the first lashes that were made and also most of us that have been doing lashes for a long time we trained on them. They are still very popular in some countries including South Africa.

They are true individual lashes that are sold loose in pots of either 0.5g to 1g. They come in J, B, C and D shapes and thicknesses of 0.10, 0.15 and 0.2 lengths 8mm -16mm.
Decorative Lashes

Decorative Eyelashes

Decorative lashes are used for those special occasions like a modelling show, Christmas party, new years party, dress-up or birthday party. They are made from synthetic material and some are decorated with colored feathers and stones. For a short time use they are adhered to the eyelid just above the natural lash line with a short term lash glue. They normally last only a couple days but can be re-used a couple times. They are fun and should be tried at least once!

Lash Accessories

These products are made form the highest quality and a necessity for every eyelash extensions. Your choices include adhesives, tweezers, magnifying glasses, lash primer glue, adhesive rings and much more for easy lash extensions …

Permanent Makeup

Are used to enchace your natural lashes by giving you a lucious fuller look. Our lashes are mainly mink and syntetic for safe, natural looking and non-alergenic extensions. We have J, B, C and D curl and stock it in thicnesses 0.07, 0.10, 0.15, 0.2 …

Hand tools for microblading Lasting-cosmetics13

Softap Products

These Products are used when the hand held technique are used to do procedures. This is the oldest way of performing micro pigmentation, no electricity is needed. We hold most products in our collection from Microblading pens with the foot piece to the needles (11’ flexi, 14’ flexi, 7’ red flexi, 14’ hard, 6’ double needle). It is always better using quality for better pigment acceptance and longer lasting permanent make up.


Our pigment range England Kiay pigments are a great range that have very good retention in the skin. The pigments are rich in color and once inserted and healed lasts for years to come. Only a small percentage of pigment is lost during the healing process, after the treatment. Once opened the pigments, last 6-9 months. Closed the expiry date is 3 years from production date. You wont be disappointed, it is perfect for Softap or Microblading as the pigments has more of a paste consistency. If used with a Machine add one drop of sterile water if you feel it dries too quickly but it can be used as is.


We offer various kinds of Anesthetics: cream form and gel based. Most anesthesia contains ingredients such as lidocaine or prilocaine or efferine. The cream anesthesia is applied before the treatment starts on closed skin and left to take effect for 15 -20mins. Thereafter once the treatment has started a gel can be applied during the treatment for client comfort.

Rotary Machines

Here we display 3 different level permanent make up machines, the Classic entry level Rotary machine, professional Merlin Machine and Advanced Liberty machine, different needles, needle caps and other tools needed for doing the perfect permanent make-up treatment. Our Machines has a speed and needle length control to make working on clients easier than ever. Rotary method is very popular for areola, eyebrows, lips and eyeliner treatments.
Hand tools for microblading Lasting-cosmetics13

Other Tools & Accessories

We carry a wide range of tools and accessories to chose from to make your working experience as easy and effective as possible. From pigment rings, aftercare cream, plastic rolls, eyebrow mineral pencils, eyebrow measuring tools and many other.

PMU starter pack Description

This is a starter pack we put together for out students to get started with PMU after they have finished their training.

We have three options:

Beginner starter pack 1

Tag#45, F&E 30g, Multi Handtool, Microblading blades, Shading blades, Earbuds, toothpicks, gloves, wet wipes, disposable haircaps, 4x color pigments, Plastic wrap, mineral brow pencil, lip pencil, eyeliner pencil, white pencil, caliper tool, brow stickers, practice skin, pigment rings, VitA&D aftercare ointment

Advanced starter pack 2

Depending on which course you choose you can add to your private collection of permanent make up tools and accessories and receive 10% discount on all products. We recommend if you don’t have it already to invest in a wireless PMU machine that will help with lip contouring and eyeliner shading

Professional starter pack 3

Depending on which course you choose you can add any products to your professional collection, if you don’t have one already then we recommend that you invest in the digital wireless machine we have available for all facial treatments including Microneedling. You qualify for 10% discount on all items purchased after training.